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Jeff S. Daniel, MS

President & CEO

Jeff has 15 years’ worth of experience in the HIV/AIDS field, primarily focused on Ryan White entities. Areas of expertise include:

Data driven Priority Setting process to rank most needed HIV services within a community

  • Resource Allocation to determine cost effectiveness of HIV services
  • Needs Assessments for In Care, Out of Care and Newly Diagnosed HIV+ Individuals
  • Planning Council operations and development
  • Operational development of local HIV/AIDS programs including implementation of HIV services and cost effectiveness evaluations
  • Advising clients on impact of federal funding, policies and programs to maximize funding at the local level with recommended course(s) of action


  • Earlier in his career, Jeff was director of recruiting for Trilogy Software, where he enabled the privately held software company to grow from 50 to 1500 employees within five years
  • Founded College Hire, a specialty college technical recruitment firm for clients such as Goldman Sachs, and Siebel Systems.
  • Served on the Austin, TX TGA (Ryan White Part A) Planning Council for four years as Chair of the Needs Assessment and Priority Setting committee and as Vice Chair of the Planning Council
  • Planning Council Operations Manager for New Haven, CT and Cleveland, OH
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment Studies for: Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento, Detroit, New Haven, Cleveland, San Antonio, Oklahoma, Maine, Nassau-Suffolk (NY), Las Vegas and Norfolk HIV programs
  • Creator of nationally recognized Priority Setting and Resource Allocation (PSRA) model for determining HIV service priorities and HIV service cost effectiveness
  • Interim Program Manager for the San Antonio HIV program
  • Project Manager for Comprehensive HIV Strategic Plans: Cleveland, Oklahoma, San Antonio, Norfolk, New Haven, Phoenix
  • Project Manager for annual HIV federal grant applications: Phoenix, Las Vegas
  • Conducted PSRAs for: Las Vegas, Detroit, Cleveland, New Haven, Norfolk, Baton Rouge and San Antonio, Nassau-Suffolk (NY) HIV programs
  • Operational and financial manager for Collaborative Research

Representative Accomplishments

  • Conducted first ever out of care needs assessments for the Sacramento, Phoenix, Denver, San Antonio, New Haven, Nassau-Suffolk, Norfolk, Detroit, Cleveland and Las Vegas HIV programs
  • Conducted first ever Newly Diagnosed needs assessments for the Phoenix, Las Vegas, Detroit, Cleveland and Norfolk HIV programs
  • Annual Priority Setting and Resource Allocation models are consistently recognized as a strength by the HIV/AIDS Bureau in Washington D.C.
  • Advised Eastern Virginia Medical System to apply for a new HIV medical grant opportunity which resulted in a $300,000 grant award for a three year period, totaling $900,000 for new HIV care in the Norfolk area


Jeff holds a Masters of International Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Marketing from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Jeff speaks conversational Spanish.